My offer - your personal benefit


Behavioural development / coaching

Coaching works like a catalyst, it boosts personal development processes. 
I will listen attentively, hold a mirror up to you and support you for a while; for you to enjoy more quality of life and success.

Behavioural development / coaching; what's in for you:

You will:

  • identify your personal patterns of thought, attitude and behaviour
  • learn to leverage your strengths
  • investigate and activate your undiscovered potential
  • learn, to deal mindfully with your personal resources. The threatening shadow of burnout will fade out

Conflict resolution, mediation


The structured mediation process grants the parties a large room for maneuver and a say on the way to a consensual solution

Reasons why you should go for a professional mediation:

Mediation is about future-oriented solutions, without assignment of guilt and innocence

  • Mediation softens rigid positions and opens the door to constructive discussions
  • The persons involved get great latitude to create win-win solutions. They have decision-making co-authority
  • All have insight into the motives and needs behind the conflict. This enables creative, often unexpected solutions, which frequently offer added value compared to the initial claims
  • The result is forward-looking and consensual
  • The psychological burden ebbs away. The participants and their surroundings are feeling better

Further training: worthwhile Investments

Communication: more relaxed, more targeted, more successful.
Communication II: we, us, them.
STRUCTOGRAM® -Refresher. 
Personality development: a course for (prospective) supervisors, high potentials and executives.

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Workshop-moderation with a difference
effective, enjoyable, unforgettable.


Development of a common identity after a merger or takeover, review or preparation of a reorganisation, creative workshop for strategy development, "event" at a branch meeting with employees from different (language) areas, ...

 For 4-12 participants. 
Larger groups require a moderation team.

Benefits and impact moderation with Lego® Serious Play®

You are right in the middle of it all and focused on the goal, I take over methods and time management. Lego® Serious Play® ensures that somewhat withdrawn people actively participate too. Creativity and innovation are stimulated and team spirit encouraged.

Lego® Serious Play® (LSP)

Roos and B. Victor from IMD Lausanne, together with K.K. Kristiansen, CEO and owner of Lego®, developed LSP in the late 1990s.
The hand-brain connection as well as building models (metaphors) and describing them are of particular significance. In terms of sensory and motor skills, the hand-brain connection is stronger than those brain has with other parts of our body. When we build models (with Lego® bricks) and then describe what they stand for, "we think with our hands". This releases a remarkable creative energy and opens the way for new lines of thoughts and different approaches.


A short, confidential dialogue with an unbiased person. "Thinking aloud with a sparring partner" helps to develop and evaluate an idea swiftly.