In your company, you want to...

  • Improve the (international) communication?
  • Selectively improve of the social skills of high potentials?
  • Prepare project teams from different countries or locations for their future collaboration before starting the project?
  • Get an external facilitator for a workshop?
  • Enable disputed employees to work together productively again?
  • Find a sparring partner for a member of the executive board or for the head of HR?
  • Resolve an escalating labor dispute quickly, without trial and satisfactorily for all involved?

One must not take responsibility away from anyone, but one should help everyone to bear his, her responsibility.

- Heinrich Wolfgang Seidel

  • A way to broach the manner people deal with their own resources, in order to prevent stress-induced depression?
  • After a burnout-induced absence, have an external coach support the person concerned? Hands-on assistance in/around the working environment is an optimal complement to medical therapy.

Let's talk about it and clarify how I can support your company. I look forward to hearing from you