Wolves? Wolves!

Once upon a time, there were three small children who lived in the country with parents and grandparents. The grandmother often read to the children. She came from Norway and had to translate into French. The flow of history had a unique character and the children a lot of time to let their imaginations run wild. The middle girl particularly liked the stories about people and animals in alien countries, especially those with wolves.
She left home early. She traveled, read, learned a lot and worked in foreign areas. The wolves continued to live discreetly in a corner of her head...

The more experienced I became in the working environment, the more parallels I discovered between the organisation of a company and that of a wolves' pack.

– Line M. Bichovsky Witschi

A wolf pack is characterised by being organised, acting strategically, appreciating the individual skills of single wolves / assigning roles accordingly, sensible handling of resources and for supporting disabled members.

When it came to developing a logo for LMBW, it was immediately obvious to me: the wolf pack is visually part of it.

The wolves on my logo reflect my propensity to work with pictures and metaphors. They convey a personal interest. If you are looking for an experience with wolves, learning from wolves or acting like an alpha wolf, I'm afraid you are at the wrong address     ;-)